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Talk To Me

E Cavetown E Vote rhythm
Tone: [E]
[F#m] [B] [E] [C#m] [F#m] [B] [E]
[F#m]You don't have to b[B]e a hero to s[E]ave the w[C#m]orld
[F#m]It doesn't make you a na[B]rcissist to l[E]ove yours[C#m]elf
[F#m]It feels like nothi[B]nothing is easy it[E]it'll never be [C#m]
[F#m]That's alright, le[B]let it out, talk to m[E]me
[F#m]You don't have to b[B]e a prodigy t[E]o be uniq[C#m]ue
[F#m]You don't have to k[B]now what to s[E]ay or wha[C#m]t to think
[F#m]You don't have to b[B]e anybody you[E] can neve[C#m]r be
[F#m]That's alright, let[B]let it out, talk[E]talk to me
[C#m]Anxi[G#m]Anxiety tossing t[A]turning in your [E]sleep
[C#m]Even if you run aw[G#m]ay you sti[A]ll see them in your[E] dreams
[F#m]It's so dark tonight but you'll [B]survive [G#m]certai[G#]certainly [C#m]
[F#m]It's alright, come [B]inside, and t[E]talk to me
[E]We can talk here on the floor
[G#m]On the phone if you prefer
[C#m]I'll be here until you're [F#m]okay [B]
[E]Let your words release your pain
[G#m]You and I will share the weight
[C#m]Growing stronger day by[F#m]by day [B]
[F#m]It's so dark outside t[B]tonight
[G#]Build a fire warm and b[C#m]bright
[F#m]And the wind it howls [B]and bites
[G#]Bite it back with all your[C#m]your might
[A6/C#] [B]
[C#m]Anxi[G#m]ety tossing t[A]urning in your s[E]leep
[C#m]Even if you run aw[G#m]ay you sti[A]ll see them in your[E] dreams
[F#m]It's so dark tonight, it looks n[B]ice, fal[G#m]l asle[G#]ep [C#m]
[F#m]It's alright, come [B]inside, and t[E]talk to me
[F#m] [B] [E] [C#m] [x3] [F#m] [B] [E]
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Updated 2020-02-24
Views: 5,480 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Cavetown Genre: Ballad , US-UK Favorite: 2
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