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Break My Heart Again

G FINNEAS G Vote rhythm
Tone: [G]
[C] [D] [Bm] [Em]
Hey, [C]you
I'm just now [D]leav[D7]leaving
Can I [G]come around later on this[Em]this evening?
Or [C]do you need [D]time[D7]time?
Yes, of [G]course, that's[Em]that's fine
Hey, [C]you
I'm sure you're [G]busy now, why else would you[Em]you ignore me?
Or [C]do you need [D]spac[D7]space?
You can't [Bm]help it if your mind has [Em]changed
So go [C]ahead and break my heart [D]agai[D7]again
Leave me [G]wonderin' why the hell I ever[Em]ever let you in
Are [C]you the definition of [D]insani[D7]insanity?
Or am [G]I?
Oh, it must be [Em]nice
To love [C]someone who [D]lets yo[D7]you break them [Em]twice
You're so [C]blue
Are you still [D]breat[D7]breathing?
Won't you [G]tell me if you found that deeper[Em]deeper meaning
Do [C]you think I've gone [D]blind?[D7]blind?
I know it's [G]not the truth when you say, [Em]"I'm fine"
So [C]go ahead and break my heart [D]again[D7]again
Leave me [G]wonderin' why the hell I ever[Em]ever let you in
Are [C]you the definition of [D]insanity[D7]insanity?
Or am [G]I?
[B]Oh, it must be n[Em]nice
To love [C]someone who [D]lets you [D7]break them [Em]twice
[C]Don't pretend that I'm the [D]instigato[D7]instigator
You were the [G]one, but you were[B]were born to say [Em]goodbye
Kissed me, [C]half a decade [D]later[D7]later
That same [Bm]perfume, those [B]same sad e[Em]eyes
Go [C]ahead and break my heart a[D]again [D7]
Leave me [G]wonderin' why the hell I ever[Em]ever let you in
Are [C]you the definition of [D]insanity? [D7]
Or am [G]I? [D]
Or am [Em]I?
It [D]must be [C]nice
To love some[D]someone who lets[D7]lets you break them [Em]twice
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Updated 2020-02-17
Views: 7,070 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: FINNEAS Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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