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Just playing some songs on the piano :)

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Intro Am7 C Fmaj7 Am7 C Fmaj7 Verse 1 Am7 C Fmaj7 There's blood on
ellam, 24 / 11, 2023 8,811
Intro Em Cadd9 G G D Em Verse 1 Em Cadd9 G It'll
Tobi, 19 / 02, 2022 12,147
[C]Two [F]birds [Am]on a wi[Em]re [F]One [G]tries to fly [F/A]away And the [G/B]other [C]Watches
Chord Imperfect, 15 / 09, 2018 3,366
Verse 1 G D Em I know that you're waiting for me like a
Tobi, 24 / 03, 2022 4,193
Intro D A Bm Verse 1 D Let's pack our stuff now D And run away A Bm
Tobi, 24 / 03, 2022 3,360

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(Intro) [B] [B]You broke my heart at the [D#m]end of the summer [B]You broke my heart at the [D
ellaver, 7 / 02, 2024 763
[G]Never, never, never [Em7]Never grow up [Cm7]Never, never, never [G]Never grow up [Em7](never g
ellaver, 12 / 06, 2023 2,394
[A]Gettin' high on the amber wave Going deep for the ones who do the [DM7]same Air max's and silve
ellaver, 10 / 11, 2022 1,695
When somebody [Em7]told me I would change I used to hide behind a smile When somebody [C#m]told me
ellaver, 2 / 09, 2022 1,413
[A]Habits I'm [Am7]trying to [Dm7]kick, can't get over it [A]Lovers I [Am7]hate to ad[Dm7]mit are t
ellaver, 24 / 08, 2022 2,657

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