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Tone: [G]
The bra[G]bravest thing I've [Bm]ever done
Was to [C]run away and h[D]hide
But not this t[G]time, [Bm]not this time[C]time [D]
And the [G]weakest thing I've [Bm]ever done
Was to [C]stay right by your s[D]side
Just like this t[G]time [Bm]and every tim[C]time [D]
[Em]I couldn't tell you I was h[C]happy you were gone[D]gone
So I [Am]lied and said that I missed you when we were apart[D]apart
[Em]I couldn't tell you so I [C]had to lead you o[D]on
But I [C]didn't mean to [D]break your heart.[G]heart. [Bm] [C] [D]
And if [G]I always seemed [Bm]distracted,
[C]Like my mind is somewhere els[D]else
That's bec[G]ause it's true,[Bm] yes it's true[C] [D]
It's the [G]stupid pride that[Bm]that makes me feel
Like I [C]have to follow thro[D]through
Even [G]half-assedly,[Bm]half-assedly, loving you [C] [D]
[Em]Why must I always speak in [C]terms of cowardic[D]cowardice?
When I [Am]guess I should have just come out and told
you right from the start[D]start
[Em]Why must I always tell you[C]you all I want is [D]this?
I guess cause I [C]didn't want to [D]break your [G]heart.
And you said
[Am]What'd you think I that I was gonna do?
[Am]Curl up and die just because of you?
[D]I'm not that weak, you know
[Am]What'd you think that I was gonna do?
[Am]Try to make you love me as much as I love you?
[D]How could you be so lo[G]low?
[G]You arrogant[Bm]arrogant man,
[C]What do you think that I[D]I am?
[Em]My heart will be f[C]fine [D]
[D]Just stop wasting my time
And now I [G]know that you w[Bm]will be okay
[C]And that I got what I w[D]want
And that's [G]rid of you [Bm]
Good-bye [C] [D]
And its [G]not cause I'll be [Bm]missing you
[C]That makes me fall a[D]apart
It's just that I [C]didn't mean to b[D]break
No, I [C]didn't mean to [D]break
No, I [C]didn't mean to [D]break
Your hea[G]heart [Bm] [C] [D]
Your hea[G]heart [Bm] [C] [D]
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Updated 2019-12- 1
Views: 167 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Barenaked Ladies Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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