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    Tone: [B]
    Capo: 2
    Verse 1:
    [B]Alcohol my[D]my permanent acce[A]accessory
    [B]Alcohol a[D]a party-time n[A]nessessity
    [B]Alcohol al[D]alternative to [A]feeling like yo[F#m]yourself
    Oh [D]Alcohol I still[E]still drink to your health[A]health. [E] [A] [E]
    [A]I [E]love you[F#m] more than I[B] did the week[D] before
    [A]I discovered [E]Alcohol
    For[B]get the Cafe L[D]atte screw the ra[A]spberry Ice Tea
    A M[B]Malibu and [D]coke for you an [A]gin and tea for me
    Alco[B]Alcohol your son[D]songs dissolve like my [A]life never will [F] [#m]
    When [D]someone else is [E]picking up the bil[A]l.[E] .[A] .[E]
    [A]I [E]love you[F#m] more than I[B] did the week[D] before
    [A]I discovered [E]Alcohol
    Oh Alcoh[F#m]Alcohol, would you p[D]please forgive me [E] [F#m]
    [D]though I cannot[E] love mysel[F#m]f I'll use
    so[D]mething [E]else [A] [E]
    [A]I thought that alcohol[A/G#] was just for
    those wit[A/G]h nothing else[D] [E]
    to [A]do
    [A]I thought that drinking just t[A/G#]to get drunk
    was a waste of[A/G]of [D]
    p[E]precious booze [A]
    [A]But now I know that [A/G#]there's a time and
    there's a plac[A/G]place [D]
    where I can [E]choose [A]
    [A]To walk the fine-line b[A/G#]between self control and
    self abu[A/G]abuse. [D] [E]
    [Solo:]On the T[B]hird hol[D]d on D t[A]o g[X3]et back to the Chorus A
    Chorus 3:
    [A]I [E]love you[F#m] more than I[B] did the week[D] before
    [A]I discovered [E]Alcohol
    [A]Wou[E]Would you please ig[F#m]ignore, that you [B]found me on the flo[D]or
    [A]trying on your [E]camisole
    [F#m]Oh Alcohol, wou[D]would you please forg[E]forgive me [F#m]
    though I[D] cannot love my[E]self I'll u[F#m]se
    something [D]else [E] [A] [E]


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    Updated 2019-12- 1
    Views: 17 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
    Author: Barenaked Ladies Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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