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Be My Yoko Ono

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    Tone: [C]
    Capo: 5
    [C] [E] [F] [G]
    [C]If there's [E]someone you can [F]live without[G]without, then do so. [C] [E] [F] [G]
    [C]And if there's [E]someone you can [F]just shove out[G]out; do so. [C] [E] [F] [G]
    [C]You can [E]be my Yoko [F]Ono [G]
    [C]You can [E]follow me wher[F]wherever I [G]go
    [C]Be my, [E]be my, Be my,
    [F]Be my Yoko [G]Ono[C]Ono. [E] [F] [G]
    Verse 2:
    [C]Isn't it [E]beautiful to [F]see two people[G]people so much in love? [C] [E] [F] [G]
    [C]Barenaked [E]as two virgins [F]hand in hand and [G]hand and hand in glove. [C] [E] [F] [G]
    [C]Now that I'm [E]far away it [F]doesn't seem to [G]me to be such a pain. [C] [E] [F] [G]
    [C]To have you [E]hanging off my [F]ankle like some [G]kind of ball and chain. [C] [E] [F] [G]
    (Go To Chorus)
    [F]Oh no, [G]here we go, our [C]life is just one big [Am]pun.
    [F]Oh no, [G]here we go [C]as Yoko sings[E7]sings [(strum] [E7] [once)]
    [C]I know that when I [E]say this, [F]I may be ste[G]stepping on pins and needles; [C] [E] [F] [G]
    [C]But I don't like [E]all these people [F]slagging her for
    [G]breaking up the Beatles[C]Beatles. [E] [F](D[G](Don't blame it on Yokey!)
    [C]if I was John and [E]you were Yoko, [F]I would gladly [G]give up musical genius, [C] [E] [F] [G]
    [C]just to [E]have you as my [F]very own[G]own, personal Venus. [C] [E] [F] [G]


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    Updated 2019-12- 1
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    Author: Barenaked Ladies Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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