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Beautiful Lies

Am James Arthur Am Vote rhythm
Verse 1
[Am]They lay, [G]intoxicated [Em]together alone
[F]As she cried in his arms [G]
[Am]She claims to [G]love him oh, she [Em]bares her soul
Pre Chorus
[F]But he's looking away [G]
[F]He's falling into demise[G]
[F]He's tryna get trough the night[G]
[F]Hold on
ho, no [G]
She says
[Cadd9]Don't look at [G]me again cause [Am]all i see
Are your [F]beautiful [G]lies
And [Cadd9]don't talk to me {Gagain cause [Am]all i see
[F]Are your beautiful lies[G] x3
Verse 2
[Am]Forced laughter [G]followed by her [Em]plastic smile
Pre chorus
[F]He's screaming "let me inside"[G]
[F]He's tryna get though the night[G]
[F]Ho, no [G]
He says..
[Cadd9]Don't look at [G]me again cause [Am]all i see
Are your [F]beautiful [G]lies
And, [Cadd9]don't look (Possibly a mistake
by JA), talk to me [G]again cause [Am]all i hear
[F]are your beautiful lies[G] x3
[F]oh, oh.. [G]
[Am]hold on [G] x3
[G]beautiful lies [C](till it fade out) ...
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Updated 2019-11-11
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Author: James Arthur Genre: US-UK Favorite: 1
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