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I Think I'm Ready

C Katy Perry C Vote rhythm
[Intro:] [C]
Verse 1:
I'm used to [C]opening my own
doors and splitting the checks
The introduced me
was always just a [F]friend
I bought a new dress
he never no[C]noticed
Always [C]falling for these
bad boys such a challenge
I’m getting tired of
cleaning up after [F]them
I think I’m ready
to be a wo[C]woman
Chorus 1:
Oh [G]love
I think I’m [F]ready
ready for [C]it
Verse 2:
[C]You were such a
surprise an
unexpected gift
Said I was pretty
and I believed [F]it
Not really used to
all this attent[C]attention
Told my[C]myself I
don’t deserve you
And this is
just a phase
Could I get used to
being loved the right [F]way
I want to argue but
there is nothing to [C]say
Chorus 2:
Oh [G]love
I think I’m [F]ready
ready for [C]it
ready for it
Oh [G]love I
think I’m [F]ready
Cause [F]you send me flowers
when there’s no occasion
Yeah [Am]we talk for hours
you still want to listen
Won’t [Dm]hold it against me if I
just need you to [G#]hold me to[C]tonight
Verse 3:
My [C]mother always told
me that you’d show up one day
(So scared) to feel this way
Chorus 3:
But [G]love
I think I’m [F]ready
ready for [C]it
ready for it
Oh [G]love I
think I’m [F]ready
Oh [G]love I
think I’m [F]ready
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Updated 2019-09- 5
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