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Happiest Year

Gb Jaymes Young Gb Vote rhythm
[Gb] [Db] [Bbm] [Db] [Ab]
Verse 1
[Gb]I'm really on the ropes this time
[Bbm]I've been fighting all my life for yo[Db]you [Ab]
[Gb]I never should have said goodbye[Ab]goodbye
[Bbm]But maybe that's what stupid people d[Db]do
'Cause you gave me [Bbm]peac[Ab]peace
[Gb]And I wasted [Db]it
[Gb]I'm here to a[Db]admit
That [Bbm]you were my med[Db]medici[Ab]icine
[Gb]Oh, I couldn't q[Db]quit
And I'm [Bbm]down on my knees ag[Db]again[Ab]ain
[Fm]Ask[Gb]Asking for [Fm]noth[Gb]nothing
Thank you for the [Gb]happiest year of my [Db]life[Ab]life
Thank you for the [Bbm]happiest year of my [Ab]life, [Db]ooh
[Gb]Ooh, o[Db]ooh, o[Bbm]ooh [Db] [Ab]
Verse 2
[Gb]Don't think I could forgive myself
[Bbm]I'm sorry for the ways that I used you [Db] [Ab]
[Gb]And I could care less right n[Ab]now
[Bbm]But you know, you hurt me p[Gb]pretty good [Db]too
Yeah, we made each other [Bbm]blee[Ab]bleed
[Gb]And we tasted i[Db]it
[Gb]I'm here to adm[Db]admit
That [Bbm]you were my medic[Db]medicine[Ab]ine
[Gb]Oh, love, I couldn't [Db]quit
And I'm [Bbm]down on my knees ag[Db]again
[Ab]Thank you for the [Gb]happiest year of my l[Db]life [Ab]
Oh, thank you for the [Bbm]happiest year of my l[Ab]life,[Db]ife, ooh
Verse 3
So [Gb]wake me up when they [Db]build that time ma[Bbm]machine [Db]
[Ab]I want to go back
[Gb]Wake me up when you were [Db]sleeping next to [Bbm]me [Db]
[Ab]'Cause I really [Fm]loved [Gb]you, [Fm]ooh[Gb]ooh
Thank you for the [Gb]happiest year of my l[Db]life [Bbm]
[Db]Thank you for the [Gb]happiest year of my l[Db]life o[Bbm]ooh
[Db]Thank you for the [Gb]happiest year of my l[Db]life, y[Ab]yeah
Thank you for the [Bbm]happiest year of my l[Ab]life [Gb]
[Db]Thank you for the [Bbm]happiest year of my l[Fm]life [Gb]

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Bui Nhu Sy 6 months ago
Gb Db Bbm Ab Fm 0

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Updated 2019-09- 3
Views: 1,871 Poster: Bui Nhu Sy (Bui Nhu Sy approved)
Author: Jaymes Young Genre: Ballad Favorite: 0
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