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Start A Fire

C#m Passenger C#m Vote rhythm
[Intro:] [C#m] [|] [B]
[C#m]I was born a baby boy a long time [B]ago
[A]Back when the hillsides
were green and the water would [C#m]flow [B]
But n[C#m]nights they fall and settle like sn[B]snow
I w[A]watched as the hillsides
turned white with nowhere to [C#m]go [B]
[A]Oh think I?m gonna start a [C#m]fire
[A]Oh think I?m gonna start a [C#m]fire [B] [C#m]
Now my h[C#m]heart?s a frozen lake where streams used to fl[B]flow
[A]Down to the forest of my mind where memory would [C#m]grow [B]
N[C#m]Now I walk amongst the trees where the last sun glo[B]glows
The l[A]leaves are all golden and brown with nowhere to[C#m]to go [B]
[A]Oh think I?m gonna start a [C#m]fire
[A]Oh think I?m gonna start a [C#m]fire [B] [C#m]
My [A]skin like these boulders
Is cr[B]cracking and older
With e[E]each passing year that g[C#m]goes
My c[A]cliff face is crumbling
S[B]Silently tumbling
[E]Down to the wat[G#m]water bel[C#m]below
And [A]if I light a match
I?ll be [B]able to catch
The la[G#m]last sun before it [A]goes
And oh [A]well I think I?m gonna start a[C#m]a fire
Oh th[A]think I?m gonna start a [C#m]fire
And [A]oh think I?m gonna start a [C#m]fire [B]now
[Outro] [:] [C#m] [B] [G#m]
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Updated 2019-08-29
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