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The Way

Capo 1
C G D Em
I [C]love the way [G]you make me feel
I lo[D]love it, [Em]I love it
I [C]love the way [G]you make me feel
I lo[D]love it, [Em]I love it
Mac Miller
Say, Im[C]Im thinking bout her ev[G]every second, every hour
Do my [D]singing in the shower
[Em]Picking petals off of flowers like
[C]Do she love me, [G]do she love me not? (love me not)
[D]I aint a player, I[Em]I just (player, I just
Ariana Grande
[C]You give me that kind of [G]something
Want it all the [D]time, need it every[Em]everyday
On a [C]scale of 1 to 10 Im at 1[G]100
Never get [D]enough, I cant stay aw[Em]away
If you [C]want it, I got it, I got it [G]everyday
[D]You can get whatever you [Em]need, from me
[C]Stay by your side, I'll never [G]leave you
I aint g[D]going nowhere cause you're a k[Em]keeper
So dont you w[C]wor[G]orry,
Baby you [D]got [Em]me
I got a [C]bad boy, I must [G]admit it
You got my [D]heart, dont know how you d[Em]did it
And [C]I dont care who sees it b[G]babe
I dont wanna hide the way I f[D]feel when you're next to [Em]me
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Updated 2019-08-23
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Author: Ariana Grande Genre: Pop Favorite: 2
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