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A Billie Eilish A Vote rhythm
What is it ab[A]about them?
I must be missing s[E]something
They just keep doing [Bm]nothing
Too intoxi[Dm]intoxicated to be scared
Better off wit[A]without them
They're nothing but unst[E]unstable
Bring ashtrays to the ta[Bm]table
And that's about the on[Dm]only thing they share
I'm[F#m]I'm in their second [Faug]hand smoke
S[A]Still just drinking c[B/D#]canned Coke
I[Bm]I don't need a Xanny to feel [N.C]better
On [F#m]designated [Faug]drives home
O[A]Only one who's no[B/D#]not stoned
D[Bm]Don't give me a Xanny, now [N.C]or ever
Can you check your Uber rating? Oh my god
(And it's like, wait, like, when?)
Wakin' up at s[A]sundown (Ooh)
They're late to ever[E]every party (Ooh)
Nobody's ever [Bm]sorry (Ooh)
Too inebriated [Dm]now to dance
Morning as they [A]come down (Come down)
Their pretty heads ar[E]are hurting (Hurting)
They're awfully bad at [Bm]learning (Learning)
Make the same [Dm]mistakes, blame circumstance
[F#m]I'm in their second [Faug]hand smoke
S[A]Still just drinking [B/D#]canned Coke
I[Bm]I don't need a Xanny to fee[N.C]feel better
[F#m]On designated [Faug]drives home
O[A]Only one who's [B/D#]not stoned
[Bm]Don't give me a Xanny, now or [E]ever[E7]ever
P[Bm]lease don't try to kiss me on the s[E]idewa[E7]lk
On your cig[F#m]cigarette bre[Faug]break [A] [D#dim]
I [Bm]can't afford to love someon[E]someone
Who [E7]isn't dying [F#m]by mist[Faug]mistake in [A]Silver L[D#dim]Lake
[Bm] [E]
What is it about them?[A]them?
I must be missing something[E]something
They just keep doin' nothing[Bm]nothing
Too intoxicated to be scared
H[A]Hmm, [E]hmm
[Bm]Hmm, [F#m]mmm, [Faug]mmm, m[A]mmm, mmm
C[A]Come down
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Updated 2019-08-28
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Author: Billie Eilish Genre: US-UK Favorite: 1
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