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Forever Young

C Rod Stewart C Vote rhythm
C G Am F G Dm F Am G C
Verse 1
Let's start in [G]style, let's dance for a [Am]while
Heaven can [F]wait we're only watching the s[G]skies
Hoping for the b[Dm]best, but expecting the [F]worst
Are you gonna drop the[Am]the bomb or not? [G] [C]
[C] Let us die [G]young or let us live fo[Am]forever
We don't have the [F]power, but we never say [G]never
Sitting in a [Dm]sandpit, life is a [F]short trip
The music's for [Am]the sad man [G] [C]
[C] Can you i[G]imagine when this race is w[Am]won
Turn our golden [F]faces into the s[G]sun
Praising our l[Dm]leaders, we're getting in t[F]tune
The music's played by[Am]by the... the [G]mad[C]madman
Chorus 1
[C] Forever Y[G]Young
I want to [Am]be Forever [F]Young
[G] Do you really want to [Dm]live forever?
[F] Forever,[G]Forever, we’ll never
[C] Forever [G]Young,
I want to [Am]be Forever [F]Young
[G] Do you really want to [Dm]live forever?
[F] [G] Forever [C]Young.
[G] [F] [G]
Verse 2
[C] Some are like w[G]water, some are like the [Am]heat
Some are a [F]melody and some are the [G]beat
Sooner or [Dm]later they all will be [F]gone
Why don't [Am]they stay young[G]young? [C]
[C] It's so hard to get [G]old without a [Am]cause
I don't want to [F]perish like a fading ho[G]horse
Youth’s like d[Dm]diamonds in the s[F]sun
And diamonds are fo[Am]forever [G] [C]
[C] So many adv[G]adventures couldn’t happen to[Am]today
So many [F]songs we forgot to [G]play
So many [Dm]dreams swinging out of the [F]blue
We’ll let them come [Am]true [G] [C]
Chorus 2
[C] Forever Y[G]Young
I want to [Am]be Forever [F]Young
[G] Do you really want to [Dm]live forever?
[F] Forever, [G]we’ll never
[C] Forever Y[G]Young,
I want to [Am]be Forever [F]Young
[G] Do you really want to [Dm]
live forever? Forever, or never forever
[C] Forever [G]Young
I want to [Am]be Forever Y[F]Young
[G] Do you really want to live [Dm]forever?
[C] [G] [Am] [F] [G] [Dm] [F] [G]
[C] [G] [Am] [F] [G] [Dm] [F] [G]
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Updated 2019-08-20
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Author: Bob Dylan , Jim Cregan , Kevin Savigar , Rod Stewart Genre: Pop Ballad Favorite: 1
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