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Stereo Hearts

Capo 2
(Adam Levine)
[Em]My h[C]heart's a s[G]stereo
It beats for yo[D]you, so listen clo[Em]close
Hear my t[C]houghts in every n[G]ote, oh oh[D].
[Em]Make me [C]your r[G]radio
Turn me [D]up when you feel l[Em]low
Th[C]This melody was meant for [G]you
Just sing a[D]along to my stereo (pause)
(Travie McCoy)
If I was just another[Em]another dusty record on the shelf [C]
Would you blow me[G]me off and play me like everybody else?[D]else?
If I asked you to scr[Em]scratch my back, could you manage that? [C]
Like it read well, che[G]check it Travie, I can handle that [D]
Furthermore, I [Em]apologize for any skipping tracks [C]
It's just the last g[G]girl that played me left a couple crac[D]cracks
I used to used to used[Em]used to used to, now I’m over that [C]
Cause holding grudges ove[G]over love is ancient artifacts [D]
If I could only find[Em]find a note to make you understand [C]
I'd sing it softly [G]in your ear and grab you by the hand [D]
Just keep it stuck[Em]stuck inside your head, like your favorite tune[C]tune
And know my he[G]heart's a stereo that only plays for you[D]you
[Em]My h[C]heart's a stere[G]stereo
It beats for [D]you, so listen c[Em]close
Hear m[C]y thoughts in ever[G]y note, oh o[D]h
[Em]Make [C]me your[G]your radio
Turn me [D]up when you feel [Em]low
This melo[C]melody was meant for [G]you
Just sing along t[D]to my stereo
[G]Oh oh oh oh, oh [D/F#]oh oh oh to my stereo
[C]Oh oh oh oh to si[C]sing [D]along to my ster[G]stereo
(Travie McCoy)
If I was an[Em]an old-school fifty pound boombox [C]
Would you hold me[G]me on your shoulder, wherever you walk[D]walk
Would you turn m[Em]my volume up in front of the cops [C]
And crank it higher[G]higher everytime they told you to stop[D]stop
And all I ask is that [Em]you don't get mad at me [C]
When you have to pur[G]purchase mad D batteries [D]
Appreciate ever[Em]every mixtape your friends make [C]
You never know we com[G]come and go like on the intersta[D]interstate
I think I finally f[Em]found a note to make you under[C]understand
If you can hit it[G]it, sing along and take me by the h[D]hand
Just keep me stuck inside your [Em]head, like your favorite tune[C]tune
You know my heart's a s[G]stereo that only plays for you [D]
[Em]My [C]heart's a ster[G]stereo
It beats for[D]for you, so listen cl[Em]close
Hear my[C] thoughts in every not[G]e, oh o[D]h
[Em]Make me[C]me your rad[G]radio
Turn me[D]me up when you feel lo[Em]low
This [C]melody was meant for yo[G]you
Just sing[D]sing along to my stereo
[G]Oh oh oh oh, oh oh[D/F#]oh oh oh to my stereo
[C]Oh oh oh oh to si[C]sing [D]along to my stereo [Em]
[Em]I only[C] pray you'll nev[G]er leave me behin[D]d (never leave me)
[Em]Because good m[C]usic can be so ha[G]rd to fi[D]nd (so hard to find)
[Em]I take yo[C]ur hand and pull i[G]t closer to mine[D]
[Em]Thought love w[C]as dead, but now you[G]'re changing my min[D]d
[Em]My h[C]heart's a ster[G]stereo
It beats[D]beats for you, so listen [Em]close
Hear m[C]y thoughts in ev[G]ery note, oh o[D]h
[Em]Make me[C]me your rad[G]radio
Turn me [D]up when you feel l[Em]low
This melo[C]melody was meant for yo[G]you
Just sing a[D]along to my stereo
[G]Oh oh oh oh, oh [D/F#]oh oh oh to my stereo
[C]Oh oh oh oh to sin[C]g a[D]long to my ster[G]eo
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