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Tone: [G]
Capo: 3
[G] [Em] [C] [D]
So [G]here we [Em]are
We’ve [C]got an[D]another chance for [G]life
It’s [Em]what you w[C]want
I can s[D]see it in your ey[G]eyes
You se[Em]see so [C]clear
It’s c[D]coming into l[G]light
Go [Em]on, be wro[C]wrong
‘cause t[D]tomorrow you’ll be ri[Am]right
Don’t sit a[G/B]around and talk it[Em]it over
You’re ru[D]running out of time
[Am]Just face ah[G/B]ahead
No going [C]back [D]now
[G] [Em] [C] [D]
You’re [G]gone
So [Em]far
Now [C]see, you're[D]you're cutting all the[G]the ties
Your [Em]eyes, go o[C]on
Keep [D]running for your [Am]life
Make up your [G/B]mind
No going b[Em]back now
See it [D]all come falling [Am]down
You try so h[G/B]hard to figur[Em]figure out
Just wh[D]what it’s all ab[Am]about
You’ll find it [G/B]on, and [Em]on, and on
For wh[D]what you know it’s [Am]true
And I say go o[G/B]on and on and[C]and on
Do a[D]all what you can d[G]do
[G] [Em] [C] [D]
[G]We’re never gonna go
If we [Em]don’t go now
You’re n[C]never gonna know
If you [D]don’t find out
You’re ne[Am]never going back
Never tur[G/B]turning around
You’re ne[Em]never gonna go
If you [D]don’t go now
You’re [Am]never gonna grow
If you[G/B]you don’t grow now
You’re n[Em]never gonna know
If you d[D]don’t find out
You’re [Am]never going back
Never [G/B]turning around
You’re ne[Em]never gonna go
If you [D]don’t go now
[Am] [G/B] [Em] [D]
[Am]You’re never gonna go
If you d[G/B]don’t go now
You’re [Em]never gonna know
If you [D]don’t find out
You’re [Am]never turning back
Never tu[G/B]turning around
You’re n[C]never gonna go
If you d[D]don’t go no[G]now [Em] [C] [D]
[G] [Em] [C]
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Updated 2020-06- 8
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Author: Adam Levine Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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