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Christmases when you were mine

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Capo 1
[G]Please take down the [Em]mistletoe [C] [D]
Cause [G] I don't wanna [Em]think about [C]that right [D]now
Cause [G] everything I [Em]want is [C]miles [D]away in a [F]
Snow covered little [Dsus4]town
My [G]mommas in the [Em]kitchen
[C]Worryin' [D]about me
[G]Season's Greetings [Em]hope your [C]well [D]
Well [G] I'm doin' [Em]alright if [C]you were [D]wondering
[F]Lately I can never [Dsus4]tell
I know this [F]shouldn't be a lonely [Dsus4]time
But there were [F]christmases when [Dsus4]you were [G]mine
[G]I've been doin' [Em]fine without[C] you, [D]really
[G]Up until the [Em]nights got [C]cold [D]
And [G]everybodys here except [C]you, [D]baby
Seems like [F]everyones got someone to [Dsus4]hold
But for [F]me it's just a lonely [Dsus4]time
Cause there were [F]christmases when [Dsus4]you were [G]mine
[Em]Merry Christmas [D]everybody
That'll have to be [F]something I'll just [Dsus4]say this year
Well I [G]bet you got your [Em]mom [C]another [D]sweater
And[G] were your cousins [Em]late [C]again [D]
When [G]you were putting [Em]up the [C]lights this [D]year
Did you [F]notice one less pair of [Dsus4]hands?
I know this [F]shouldn't be a lonely [Dsus4]time
But there were [F]christmases when [Dsus4]I didn't
[F]Wonder how you are [Dsus4]tonight
Cause there were [F]christmases when [Dsus4]you were [G]mine
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