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cornelia street x you're losing me

Capo: 5
[G] [D] [Em] [C]
Verse 1
We were in the [G]backseat
Drunk on something [D]stronger than the drinks in the [Em]bar [C]
"I rent a [G]place on Cornelia Street"
[D]I say casually in the [Em]car [C]
We were a [G]fresh page on the desk
[D]Filling in the blanks as we [Em]go [C]
As if the [G]street lights pointed in an [D]arrow head
Leading us [Em]home [C]
And I hope I never [G]lose you, hope it never [D]ends
I'd never walk [Em]Cornelia Street [C]again
That's the kinda [G]heartbreak time could never [D]mend
I'd never walk [Em]Cornelia Street [C]again
And baby, [G]I get [D]mystified by how this [Em]city screams your name [C]
And baby, [G]I'm so [D]terrified of if you [Em]ever walk away
[C]I'd never walk Cornelia Street [G]again
I'd [D]never walk Cornelia Street [Em]again [C]
Verse 2
Windows swung right [G]open, autumn air
[D]Jacket 'round my shoulders is [Em]yours [C]
We bless the [G]rains on Cornelia Street
[D]Memorize the creaks in the [Em]floor [C]
Back when we were [G]card sharks, playing games
[D]I thought you were leading me [Em]on [C]
I packed my [G]bags, left Cornelia Street
[D]Before you even knew I was [Em]gone [C]
But then you [D]called, showed your hand
I turned [Em]around before I hit the tunnel
[C]Sat on the roof, you and I
I hope I never [G]lose you [D] (you're losing me)
I'd never walk [Em]Cornelia Street [C]again
[G] (you're losing me) [D]Oh, never [Em]again [C] I can't find a pulse
[G]My heart won't start anymore [Em]for [C]you[D]
[G]'Cause you're losing me[Em]
[C]'Cause you're losing me[D]
Stop [G](stop)
'Cause you're losing me
[Em]My heart won't start [C]
anymore (stop, 'cause you're losing me)
[D]My heart won't start [G]anymore
(stop, 'cause you're losing me)
[G]How long could we be a [D]sad song?
Till we were [Em]too far [D]gone to bring [C]back to life?
I gave you all my [G]best me's, my endless [D]empathy
And all I [Em]did was [D]bleed as I [C]tried to be the
bravest soldier
[D]Fighting in only your army, [Em]frontlines, don't you
ignore me
[C]I'm the best thing at this party (you're losing me)
[D]And I wouldn't marry me either
[Em]A pathological people pleaser
[C]Who only wanted you to see her
And I'm fading, thinking
[Em]Do something, babe, [C]say something
(say something)
[D]Lose something, babe, risk [G]something
(you're losing me)
[Em]Choose something, babe, I got [C]nothing
(I got nothing)
To [D]believe, [G]unless you're choosing [Em]me
You're losing me
[Em]Stop (stop, stop), [C]you're losing me
[D]Stop (stop, stop), [G]you're losing me
I can't find a pulse, my heart won't start anymore
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Updated 2024-03-27
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Author: Taylor Swift Genre: Pop Favorite: 3
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