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What Was I Made For

Tone: [C]
Capo: none
Fingerpicking/Strumming pattern: D DD D
[C] [Em] [F] 2X
I used to [C]float, [Em]now I just [F]fall down
I used to [C]know [Em]but I'm not [F]sure now
What I was [C]made [Em]for[F]
What was I [Am]made [Em]for? [F]
Takin' a [C]drive, [Em]I was an [F]ideal
Looked so [C]alive, [Em]turns out, I'm [F]not real
Just something you [C]paid [Em]for [F]
What was I [C]made [Em]for? [F]
[Dm]'Cause I, [G]I
I [C]don't know [Em]how to [F]feel
But I [C]wanna [Em]try [F]
I [C]don't know [Em]how to [F]feel
But [C]someday [Em]I [F]might
[Am]Someday [Em]I [F]might
Post Chorus:
[C]Mm, [Em]mm-mm, [F]aah-ooh
[C]Mm-mm-mm, [Em]mm-mm, [F]mm-mm
When did it [C]end? [Em]All the en[F]joyment
I'm sad a[C]gain, [Em]don't tell my [F]boyfriend
It's not what he's made for
What was I [C]made [Em]for? [F]
What was I [Am]made [Em]for?[F]
'Cause [Dm]I, 'cause [G]I
I [C]don't know [Em]how to [F]feel
But I [C]wanna tr[Em]y [F]
I [C]don't [Em]know how to [F]feel
But [C]someda[Em]y I m[F]ight
[Am]Someday [Em]I mig[F]ht
[Em] [F]
Think I for[C]got [Em]how to be [F]happy
Something I'm [C]not, but [Em]something I [F]can be
Something I [c]wait [Em]for [F]
Something I'm [Am]made [Em]for [F] [Em] [Dm]
Something I'm [G]made for
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Updated 2023-07-25
Views: 3,679 Poster: Joann Mae (Tobi approved)
Author: Billie Eilish Genre: Favorite: 11
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