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Tighten Up

Tone: [Gbm]
[Gbm] [Amaj7] [Bm] [Db]
I [Gbm]wanted love, I n[A]eeded love, m[Bm]ost of all, m[Db]ost of all
[Gbm]Someone said, true l[A]ove was dead, and I'm b[Bm]ound to fall, b[Db]ound to fall, for you
[Gbm] [A] Oh what can I d[Bm]do, yeah [Db]
[Gbm]Take my badge but my h[A]eart remains, l[Bm]ovin' you, b[Db]aby child
[Gbm]Tighten up, o[A]n your reigns, you're r[Bm]unnin' wild, r[Db]unnin' wild, it's tr[Gbm]ue
[Gbm] [Dbm] [Gbm] [Dbm] [Gbm] [Dbm] [A] [B]
[Gbm]Sick for days, s[A]o many ways, I'm a[Bm]chin' now, I'm a[Db]chin' now
It's [Gbm]times like these I n[A]eed relief, please s[Bm]how me how, oh s[Db]how me how, to get right
[Gbm] [A]Yes, out of s[Bm]sight [Db]
When [Gbm]I was young, and m[A]oving fast, nothing s[Bm]lowed me down, s[Db]lowed me down
[Gbm]Now I let the o[A]thers pass, I've c[Bm]ome around, oh c[Db]ome around, cause I fo[Gbm]und
Interlude -x2-:
[Gbm] [Dbm] [Gbm] [Dbm] [Gbm] [Dbm] [A] [B]
[Gbm]Living just to k[Dbm]keep going, go[Gbm]going just to be [Dbm]sane
[Gbm]All the while I[Dbm]I know where, [A] suc[B]such a shame
[Gbm]I don't need to get s[Dbm]teady I kn[Gbm]ow just how I fee[Dbm]l
I'm telling you to get [Dbm]ready, [A] My d[B]dear
[Gbm] [Dbm] [Gbm] [Dbm] [Gbm] [Dbm] [A] [B]
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Updated 2022-11-23
Views: 31 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: The Black Keys Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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