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You're On Your Own, KId

Capo 2
[C] Summer went away,
Still the yearning stays
[Em] I play it [F]cool with
The best of them
[C] I wait patiently,
He's gonna notice me
[Em] It's o[F]okay, we're the best of [Am]friends
[C] I hear it in your voice,
You're smokin' with your boys
[Em] I touch my [F]phone as if
It's your face
[C] I didn't choose this town,
I dream of getting out
[Em] There's just [F]one who
Could make me s[Am]stay
[G/B]All my days
[Fsus2] From sprinkler s[G]splashes to
Fireplace [C]ashes
I waited [Am7]ages to see you [Fsus2]there
I searched the [G]party of better [C]bodies
Just to [Am7/E]learn that
You never [F]cared
You're on your [G]own,
Kid, you always have [C]been
[C] I see the great escape,
So long Daisy Mae
[Em] I picked the [F]petals,
He loves me not
[C] Something different bloomed,
Writing in my room
[Em] I play my [F]songs in
The parking [Am]lot
I [G/B]run away
[Fsus2] From sprinkler s[G]splashes to
Fireplace [C]ashes
I called a [Am7]taxi to take me [Fsus2]there
I searched the [G]party of better [C]bodies
Just to [Am7/E]learn that
My dreams aren't [Fsus2]rare
You're on your [G]own, kid,
You always have been
[Fsus2] [G] [C] [Am7]
[Fsus2] [G] [C] [Am7/E]
[Fsus2] [G]
[Fsus2] From sprinkler s[G]splashes to
Fireplace [C]ashes
I gave my [Am7]blood, sweat and
Tears for [Fsus2]this
I hosted [G]parties and
Starved my [C]body
Like I'd be [Am7/E]saved by a perfect [Fsus2]kiss
The jokes weren't [G]funny,
I took the [C]money
My friends from [Am7]home don't
Know what to [Fsus2]say
I looked a[G]around in a blood-soaked [C]gown
And I saw some[Am7/E]something they
Can't take a[Fsus2]away
'Cause there were pages [G]turned
With the bridges [C]burned
Everything you [Am7]lose is a
Step you [Fsus2]take
So make the friendship [G]bracelets
Take the moment and [C]taste it
You got no [Am7]reason to be a[Fsus2]afraid
You're on your [G]own, kid
[Fsus2] Yeah, you can [G]face this
[Fsus2] You're on your [G]own, kid
You always have [C]been
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Updated 2022-10-21
Views: 18,884 Poster: sara stefanova (Tobi approved)
Author: Taylor Swift Genre: Pop , Country Favorite: 46
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