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Tone: [C]
[C] [Cmaj7] [Em] [C] [Cmaj7] [Em] [G]
Verse 1
Sometimes [C]I think I'm a killer [Cmaj7]
[Em]Scared you in your house
Even [C]scared myself by talking
[Cmaj7]About Da[Em]Dahmer on your co[G]couch
Verse 2
But I can't [C]sleep next to a body
[Cmaj7]Even ha[Em]harmless in death
Plus I'm [C]pretty sure I'd miss you
[Cmaj7]Faking sl[Em]sleep to count your br[G]breath
Chorus 1
Can the [F]killer in [C]me
Tame the [E7]fire in [F]you?
Is there [F]nothing [C]left to do for us?[G]us? [G7]
I am [F]sick of the[C]the chase
But I'm [E7]hun-gry for [F]blood
And there's [F]nothing [Fm]I can do
[C] [Cmaj7] [Em] [C] [Cmaj7] [Em] [G] [G7]
Verse 3
But [C]when I'm sick and tired
[Cmaj7]When my mi[Em]mind is barely there
When a [C]machine keeps me alive
[Cmaj7]And I'm lo[Em]losing all my ha[G]hair
Verse 4 bass notes
F (g a b c
I hope you kiss my rotten head
d e c) Am
And pull the plug
Know that [F]I've burned every playlist
And [F]given [G]all my love [G7]
Chorus 2
Can the [F]killer in[C]in me
Tame the [E7]fire in [F]you?
I [F]know there's[F] something[C] waiting for[G] us [G7]
I am [F]sick of the[C]the chase
But I'm [E7]stupid in [F]love
And there's [F]nothing [Fm]I can do [C]
And there's [F]nothing [Fm]I can do
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Updated 2022-06-23
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Author: Phoebe Bridgers Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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