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Graceland Too

Tone: [G]
Capo: 3
Verse 1
No [Cadd9]longer a d[G]anger to h[Dsus4]erself or ot[Em7]hers
She [Cadd9]made up her [G]mind and [Dsus4]laced up her sh[Em7]shoes
Ye[Cadd9]lled down the h[G]all but n[Dsus4]obody ans[Em7]wered
So s[Cadd9]he walked o[G]utside w[Dsus4]ithout an ex[Em7]cuse
Chorus 1
S[Cadd9]he could do a[G]nyt[Dsus4]hing she w[Cadd9]ants to
Sh[Cadd9]e could do w[G]hate[Dsus4]ver she wants to[Cadd9] do
Sh[Cadd9]She could go h[G]home, [Dsus4]but she's not [Cadd9]going to
Verse 2
So she [Cadd9]picks a direct[G]direction, it's [Dsus4]90 to Memphi[Em7]Memphis
T[Cadd9]urns up the m[G]usic so th[Dsus4]oughts don't in[Em7]trude
Pr[Cadd9]edictably w[G]inds up t[Dsus4]hinking of El[Em7]vis
And w[Cadd9]onders if h[G]e believed s[Dsus4]ongs could come tr[Em7]ue
Chorus 2
I[Cadd9]'m asking f[G]or it i[Dsus4]f they d[Cadd9]o
Doesn't k[Cadd9]know what she w[G]wants
Or wh[Dsus4]what she's [Cadd9]gonna do
A r[Cadd9]ebel witho[G]ut a cl[Dsus4]ue [Cadd9]
[Cadd9] [G] [Dsus4] [Em7] [Dsus4]
So we s[Cadd9]spent what was l[G]left of our [Dsus4]seroto[Em7]nin
To [Cadd9]chew on our [G]cheeks and [Dsus4]stare at the [Em7]moon
Said she k[Cadd9]nows she lived thr[G]ough it to get[Dsus4] to this mom[Em7]ent
Ate a s[Cadd9]leeve of salt[G]ines on my f[Dsus4]loor and I kne[Em7]w that
Chorus 3
[Cadd9]I would do a[G]anyth[A7sus4]nything you want [Cadd9]me to
[Cadd9]I would do a[G]nyth[A7sus4]ing for y[Cadd9]ou
[Cadd9]I would do [G]anything
I[A7sus4] would do a[Em7]nyth[Cadd9]ing
Whate[Cadd9]Whatever you w[G]want me to [A7sus4]do, I will [Em7]do [Cadd9]
What[Cadd9]Whatever she w[G]wants
Wh[A7sus4]Whatever she wa[Cadd9]wants
Wh[Cadd9]Whatever she w[G]wants (Whatever you want)
Wha[A7sus4]Whatever she wa[Cadd9]wants (Whatever you want)
I[Cadd9]I would do an[G]anything (Whatever you want)
I [A7sus4]would do any[Cadd9]anything (Whatever you want)
Wh[Cadd9]Whatever she w[G]wants (Whatever you want)
Wha[A7sus4]Whatever she wa[Cadd9]wants (Whatever you want)
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Updated 2022-08- 4
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Author: Phoebe Bridgers Genre: US-UK Favorite: 3
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