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I Bet You Think About Me

Tone: [C]
Verse 1
3 [C]AM and I'm s[C/B]still awake, I'll [Am]bet you're just f[G]fine
Fast asle[F]asleep in your city that's be[G]better than mine
And the g[C]girl in your [C/B]bed has a f[Am]ine pedi[G]gree
And I'll b[F]bet your friends tell you she's be[G]better than me, huh
[C] [C/B] [Am] [G] [F] [G]
Verse 2
Well, I tr[C]ied to fit[C/B] in with your u[Am]pper-crust ci[G]rcles
Yeah, they l[F]let me sit in back when [G]we were in love
Oh, they s[C]it around t[C/B]alkin' about the m[Am]eaning of life[G]
And the b[F]book that just saved 'em that I ha[G]hadn't heard of
But n[F]now that we're done and it's o[C]over
[F]I bet you couldn't bel[C]believe
When you rea[Am]realized I'm harder to forget than I was to le[G]leave
And I bet you think about me [C] [C/B] [Am] [G] [F] [G]
Verse 3
You grew [C]up in a s[C/B]ilver-spoon g[Am]ated comm[G]unity
Gla[F]Glamorous, shiny, bright Bev[G]Beverly Hills
I was ra[C]raised on a [C/B]farm, no, it wa[Am]sn't a ma[G]nsion
Just li[F]livin' room dancin' and kit[G]kitchen table bills
Verse 4
But you k[C]know what they [C/B]say, you can't h[Am]elp who you f[G]all for
And y[F]you and I fell like an ea[G]early spring snow
But rea[C]lity c[C/B]rept in, you s[Am]aid we're too dif[G]ferent
You lau[F]laughed at my dreams, rolled your e[G]eyes at my jokes
[F]Mr. Superior Th[C]Thinkin'
Do you h[F]have all the space that you n[C]need?
I don't h[Am]have to be your shrink to know that you'll never be ha[G]happy
And I bet you think abo[C]about [C/B]me [Am] [G] [F]
[G]I bet you think about [C]me, [C/B]yes
[Am]I b[G]bet you th[F]think about me [G]
[F]Oh, bl[C]block it all out
The vo[G]voices so loud, sayin'
"[Am]Why did you l[G]et her g[F]o?"
Does it ma[C]make you feel sad
That the l[G]love that you're lookin' for
Is the love that you h[F]had?
Verse 5
Now you're o[C]ut in the w[C/B]orld, sea[Am]rchin' for your s[G]oul
Scared n[F]not to be hip, sc[G]scared to get old
Chasing m[C]ake-believe s[C/B]tatus, last t[Am]ime you felt f[G]ree
Was when n[F]none of that shit mattered 'cause y[G]you were with me
But n[F]now that we're done and it's o[C]over
[F]I bet it's hard to bel[C]believe
That it tu[Am]turned out I'm harder to forget than I was to le[G]leave
And, yeah, I bet you think ab[C]about[C/B]out me [Am] [G] [F]
[G]I bet you think about [C]me, [C/B]yes
[Am]I b[G]bet you th[F]think about me
[G]I bet you think about [C]me when you're [C/B]out
At your c[Am]ool indie mu[G]sic concerts[F] every week
[G]I bet you think about [C]me in your h[C/B]house
With your or[Am]ganic sh[G]oes and your mil[F]lion-dollar couch
[G]I bet you think about [C]me when you [C/B]say
"Oh my [Am]God, she's in[G]insane, she wrote a s[F]song about me"
[G]I bet you think about [C]me
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Updated 2021-11-21
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Author: Taylor Swift Genre: US-UK Favorite: 1
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