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i can’t sleep

[B] [E] [B] [G#m] [B] [E] [B]
[B]Remember when you [E]scraped your knees?
Crying[G#m], "mama[B], hold [E]me once more, [B]please"
And [B]out she'd run and she'd [E]dry your [B]eyes
Saying, "[G#m]it's okay[B] baby,[E] now rocka[B]bye"
[C#m7]Sing to me [G#m]again, oh, mum, I'm [B]tired and [E]I can't [B]sleep
[C#m7]Sing to me [G#m]again, oh, mum, I'm [D#]tired and I can't [G#m]sleep
[B]You miss the songs in your [E]dad's old [B]car
The [G#m]first time you [B]heard it and[E] watched the [B]stars
When the nigh[B]ts were cold and your [E]light-up [B]shoes
Would [G#m]stomp on the [B]pavement and[E] twinkle [B]blue
[C#m7]Read to me [G#m]again, oh, dad, I'm [B]tired and [E]I can't [B]sleep
[C#m7]Read to me [G#m]again, oh, dad, I'm [D#]tired and I can't [G#m]sleep
[E] [B] [E] [B]
[E] [B] [G#m] [B]
[B]Remember when the[E] pictures [B]aged
When the [G#m]clock kept [B]ticking and the [E]band kept [B]playing
Now the [B]nights are cold and I [E]dry my [B]eyes
I sing, "[G#m]it's okay[B] baby[E], rocka[B]bye"
[C#m7]Read to me [G#m]again, oh, dad, I'm [B]tired and [E]I can't [B]sleep
Well[C#m7]Sing to me [G#m]again, oh, mum, I'm [D#]tired and I can't [G#m]sleep.
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Updated 2021-07- 8
Views: 86 Poster: ellaver (Tobi approved)
Author: Peter McPoland Genre: Indie Favorite: 0
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