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Song for no one

E/B Shawn Mendes E Vote rhythm
[E/B] [Caug] [C#m] [Caug]
e|---------------------------|-----------------------------| B|-----9------------9--------|------9-------------9--------| G|--------9------------9-----|---------9-------------9-----| D|-9---------9-10---------10-|-11---------11-10---------10-| x2 A|---------------------------|-----------------------------| E|---------------------------|-----------------------------|
Verse 1
[E/B] I wake up[Caug]up a little drunk
[C#m] Check my [Caug]phone, I'm all alone
[E/B] Ten missed c[Caug]calls, a couple texts
[C#m] None of t[Caug]them are who I'm [A]lookin' for
[Am]Who I'm lookin' for,[E/B]for, [Caug] ye[C#m]yeah [Caug]
This is a [E/B]sooo[Caug]soooooooo[C#m]ooooong, [Caug]song for no[E/B] one[Caug] [C#m] [Caug]
This is a [E/B]sooo[Caug]soooooooo[C#m]ooooong, [Caug]song for no[E/B] one[Caug] [C#m] [Caug]
Verse 2
[E/B] Get on a [Caug]plane
Fly to the [C#m]most beautiful [Caug]place you've ever [E/B]been
Caug C#m Caug
Close my eyes, things are better in my dreams
'Cause I'm with [A]someone, [Am]someone I ado[E/B]adore [Caug] [C#m] [Caug]
This is a [E/B]sooo[Caug]ooooo[C#m]ng, s[Caug]ong for no[E] o[Caug]ne [C#m] [Caug]
I wrote this[E/B] soo[Caug]ooooo[C#m]ong, [Caug]song for no[E] o[Caug]ne [C#m] [Caug]
Verse 3
[E/B]Yesterday, I [Caug]got pretty drunk
[C#m]Said some things that[Caug]that I shouldn't of
[E/B]Told you that I [Caug]really love you
[C#m]You did not r[Caug]reciprocate those [A]feelings
But [Am]that's okay, I'll be fine anyway
[E] [B] [F#m] [A] [E] [B] [C#m] [F#m] [A]
I wrote this [E]sooo[B]sooong for no[F#m]no one
[A]I wrote this s[E]song [B] [C#m] [F#m] [A]
[E] Woo,[B]Woo, woo-[F#m]woo-ooh [A]
[E] Woo,[B] w[C#m]oo-o[F#m]oh [A]
[E] [B] [F#m]
No, [A]I wrote this [E]song[B] fo[C#m]r no[F#m] one [A]
[E] [B] [F#m] [A] [E] [B] [C#m] [F#m] [A]
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Updated 2021-04- 6
Views: 524 Poster: Ilaria Lüthi (Tobi approved)
Author: Shawn Mendes Genre: Pop Favorite: 0
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