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Remember Me (Coco OST)

D Benjamin Bratt D Vote rhythm
tone [D]
Remember [Dmaj7]me
Though I [Gm6/A#]have to say goodbye
Remember [Dmaj7]me
Don't [Gm7/C]let it make you [F#7]cry
For [Bm7]even if I'm far
away I [Cmaj7]hold you in my [Dmaj7]heart
I [Bm7/G]sing a secret song to
you each [Gm7/C]night we are a [A]part
Remember [Dmaj7]me
Though I [Gm6/A#]have to travel far
Remember [Dmaj7]me
Each time you [Am7]hear a sad gui [Dadd9]tar
[Gmaj7]Know that I'm with you the
only [F#m7]way that I can [Bm7]be ~ [Gm6/A#]
[Bbmaj7]Until you're in my arms a [Em7/A]gain
Remember [Dmaj7]me
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A Am7 Bbmaj7 Bm7 Bm7/G Cmaj7 D Dadd9 Dmaj7 Em7/A F#7 F#m7 Gm6/A# Gm7/C Gmaj7 0

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Updated 2020-10-15
Views: 135 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: N/A Genre: US-UK , Film Music Favorite: 0
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