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Ave Maria

C Gounod C Vote rhythm
Tone: [C]
[C] [Dm7/C] [G7/B] [C]
[C]A[Dm7]ve Ma[G7]ri[C]a, [Am]gratia [Dm7]plena.
[G]Dominus [C]tecum.(Bass B)
[Am]Bene[D]dicta [G]tu in [C#dim7]muli[Dm]eribus,
[Ddim/F]Et bene[C/E]dictus [Am]
fructus [Dm]ventris, [G7]tui, Je[C]sus.
[C7]Sancta Ma[F]ria,
[Adim7/F#]Sancta Ma[Cm7+/G]ria
[G7]Ora pro [C/G]nobis [G+7]nobis pecca[G]toribus,
[Adim7]Nunc et in [C/G]hora,
In [G+7]hora [G7]mortis nostrae.
[C7]A[F/C]men, [G7/B]A[C]men.
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Adim7 Adim7/F# Am C C#dim7 C/E C/G C7 CM7/G D Ddim/F Dm Dm7 Dm7/C F F/C Fdim/Ab G G7 G7/B 0

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Updated 2020-10-14
Views: 102 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Gounod Genre: Christmas Songs Favorite: 0
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