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Let It Go + Wildest Dream

Tone: [Em]
Capo: 1
The [Em]snow glows white on the [C]mountain tonight
Not a [D]footprint to be [A]seen
A [Em]kingdom of iso [C]lation
And it [D]looks like
I'm the [A]queen
[Em]The wind is [C]howling
like this [D]swirling storm in [A]side
[Em]Couldn't keep it [D]in
Heaven knows I [A]tried
[D]Don't let them in, don't let them [C]see
Be the good girl you always have to be
[D]Conceal, don't feel, don't let them [C]know
Well, now they know
[G]Say you'll remember [D]me
Standing in a [Am]nice dress,
staring at the [C]sunset babe
[G]Red lips and rosy [D]cheeks
Say you'll see me [Am]again even if it's [C]just in your
[G]Wildest [D] [Am] [C]dreams
[G]Wildest [D] [Am] [C]dreams
I say [C]no one has to know what we [Em]do
His hands are in my [D]hair,
his clothes are in my room
And his [C]voice is a familiar
[Em]sound, nothing lasts [D]forever
But this is getting good [C]now
He's so tall, and [Em]handsome as hell
[D]He's so bad but does it so well
[C]When we've had our [Em]very last kiss
My [D]last request is
[D]It's time to see what I can [C]do
To test the limits and break [D]through
[D]No right, no wrong, no rules for [C]me
I'm free!!!!
Let it [G]go, let it [D]go
I am [Em]one with the wind and [C]sky
Let it [G]go, let it [D]go
You'll [Em]never see me [D]cry
[G]Here I [D]stand and [Em]here I'll stay
Let the [Bm]storm rage [Bb]on
You'll [G]see me in hindsight
[D]Tangled up with you all night
[Am]Burning it [C]down
[G]Someday when you leave me
[D]I bet these memories [Am]follow you [C]around
You [G]see me in hindsight
[D]Tangled up with you all night
[Am]Burning it [C]down
[G]Some day when you leave me
[D]I bet these memories [Am]follow you [C]around
[E]I'm never [C]going back, the [D]past is in the [Am]past [C]
Let it [G]go, let it [D]go
And I'll [Em]rise like the break of [C]dawn
Let it [G]go, let it [D]go
That [Em]perfect girl is [C]gone
[G]Here I [D]stand in the [Em]light of [C]day [Cm]
Let the [Bm]storm [Bb]rage on
The [C]cold never bothered me anyway! [G]
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Updated 2020-09- 3
Views: 110 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Idina Menzel , Taylor Swift Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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