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Little By Little (It's Okay To Not Be Okay OST - 너라서 고마워 - 사이코지만 괜찮아 OST)

G CHEEZE G# Vote rhythm
Capo 1
[G] [C] [G] [G]
[G] [C] [G] [C]
[G]Little by [C]little
Han [G]georeumssik nega bo [C]yeo
Mal [G]haji a [C]nado
Ne [G]ga deullil geonman gata
[D]Swil [Em]goseul chaja ireo [D]ke
Han [C]chameul dorawanneunde
Neo [Em]raseo jeong [D]mal goma [C]wo
[C]Oo  [G]oooo
[G]O oo [C]oo [G]o [C]o
Eotteon  [G]moseubideun [A]ireoke
Neon [C]nareul deultteuge ha [G]go
[D]Neoui [Em]jageun pyojeong [Bm]hanakkaji
[C]Nal seol [D]lege hae [B]
[Em]Everyday [D]everynight
Gi [C]dohaneun nae [D]maeumi jeonhaejilk [Em]ka
Uri [D]idaero ham [C]kkehagil [D]
[D] [C] [G] [G]
[G] [C] [G] [C]
Deul [G]lini i [A]sori
Nun [G]gameumyeon tteooreu [C]neun
Geu [G]narui sok [C]sagim
Mal [G]haji mothan yaegideul
[D]Eo [Em]diseobuteo wanneun [D]ji
Eo [C]diro galjido moreul
Nae [Em7]mami neol [D]chajeun geo [C]ya
[G]O [C]o [G]oooo
[G]O [C]oo [G]ooo [C]o
[D]Eotteon [G]moseubideun [A]ireoke
Neon [C]nareul deultteuge ha [G]go
[D]Neoui [Em]sumeun pyojeong [Bm]hanakkaji
[C]Nal seol [D]lege hae
[Em]Everyday [D]everynight
Gi [C]dohaneun nae [D]maeumi jeonhaejilk [Em]ka
Uri [D]idaero ham [C]kkehagil [D]
[G]Jeo munbakkui se [C]sangen
[G]Mwoga isseul [D]kka
Hollo [G]uldeon bamdeul [C]do
Mo [G]du ichyeojil [D]kka
[G]Kkumirado [C]joeul
[G]Challaui si [D]ganira hae [G]do
Neo [C]wa neo [G]wa hamkkera [D]myeon
Eotteon [G]moseubideun [A7]ireoke [A]
Neon [C]nareul useum jitge [D]hae
Hoksi [A]rado uri [B]eonjenga
Jam [D]si meoreojinda hae [A]do
[E]Neoui [F#m]useum neoui [C#m]apeum naega [D]da
Gi [E]eokalge
[F#m]Gomawo [E]neoraseo
[D]Eoduun nae sigan [E]kkeute neoreul manna [F#m]seo
Geuge [E]neoraseo cham [D]gomawo [E]
[E] [E] [A] [A]
[A] [D] [A] [D]
[A] [D]
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Updated 2020-07-30
Views: 102 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: N/A Genre: KPOP , Film Music Favorite: 0
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