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All Kinds Of Kinds

Tone: [G]
Capo: 5
[G] [G] [Cadd9] [G] [ G] [G] [D]
[ G] [G] [Cadd9] [G] [ G] [D] [G]
[G]Ilsa was an acrobat who [Cadd9]went and fell in love with that
Ho[Em]Horatio the [D]human cannon[G]cannonball.
A [G]weddin' 'neath the big top tent with [Cadd9]barkers clowns and elephants
[Em]Sideshow family [D]oddities and [G]all.
The [Cadd9]dog-faced boy [Em]howled out with [D]joy
As the [Am]tattooed [G]lady was [D/F#]crying.
Ever [G]since the [D]beginning to [Em]keep the world [Cadd9]spinning
It takes [G]all [D]kinds of [G]kinds.
[G]Thomas was a congressman with [Cadd9]closets full of skeletons
And [Em]dresses that he [D]wore on Friday [G]nights.
[G]Phyllis was a pharmacist, a [Cadd9]dab of that, a pinch of this
Con[Em]cocted to sup[D]press her appe[G]tite.
When the [Cadd9]children were fiddlin' she'd [Em]slip 'em some [D]Ritalin
And [Am]wait for Thoma[G]Thomasina to ar[D/F#]arrive.
Cause ever [G]since the [D]beginning to [Em]keep the world [Cadd9]spinning
It takes [G]all [D]kinds of [Em]kinds. ([Cadd9](All kinds of kinds)
[G]All [D]kinds of [G]kinds.
[G] [Cadd9] [G] [G] [D]
[G] [Cadd9] [G] [G] [D] [G]
When [G]I play this old guitar from [Cadd9]children's shows to smoky bars
I [Em]take a break and [D]think about the [G]past.
When I [G]stood up in geometry and [Cadd9]everybody stared at me
And [Em]I tossed my [D]test into the [G]trash.
I [Cadd9]scratched off my number while [Em]hitching out [D]under
That [Am]bush league [G]population [D/F#]sign.
Ever [G]since the [D]beginning to [Em]keep the world [Cadd9]spinning
It takes [G]all [D]kinds of [G]kinds.
Now [Cadd9]some point a finger and let [Em]ignorance [D]linger
If they'd [Am]look in the [G]mirror they'd [D]find[Cadd9]find. [G/B] [Am]
That ever [G]since the [D]beginning to [Em]keep the world [Cadd9]spinning
It takes [G]all [D]kinds of [Em]kinds[Cadd9]kinds. (All kinds of kinds)
[G]All [D]kinds of [Em]kinds[Cadd9]kinds. (All kinds of kinds)
[G]All [D]kinds of [G]kinds.
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Updated 2020-07- 2
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Author: Miranda Lambert Genre: US-UK , Country Favorite: 0
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