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Nyano Ghar

Tone: [C]
Capo: 0
Fingerpicking/Strumming pattern: Strumming
[C] [Am] [Em] [G]
Laa[C]yeko m[Am]aya bhul[Em]auna ga[G]ro chha
Th[C]aha hola tim[Am]ilai n[Em]ai [G]
Chah[C]Chahanchhu [Am]ma dherei ti[Em]timilai
Hi[G]jo jhai, bho[C]li pani te[Em]sari na[G]i
Bit[C]yo kehi sa[Am]maye h[Em]ami tad[G]iyeko
Ta[C]ra yaad bh[Am]ane chha a[Em]jhai [G]
[F]Bihaan[C]i ko K[G]iran j[F]hai
[F]Udaau mero j[Am]jiwan ma[G]maa
S[F]aache[C]ra ra[G]khne chhu t[F]imilai
A[F]Anautho [Am]yo mutu m[G]maa
[G]Timilai n[C]nei [G] [Am] [Am]
[C]Udideu p[Am]anchhi jhai kh[Em]ulla a[G]akash maa
[C]Ma banchhu ti[Am]timro nyano g[Em]ghar [G]
[C]Fulideu f[Am]uljhai a[Em]fnei b[G]ari maa
[C]Timi mero [Am]ma timro [Em]Ghar [G]
[C]Jiwan ko r[Am]ang jhai c[Em]hhaau s[G]ansaar maa
[C]Banaaula h[Am]hami aafnei s[Em]sahar [G]
[F]Bihaan[C]i ko K[G]iran j[F]hai
[F]Udaau mero j[Am]jiwan ma[G]maa
S[F]aache[C]ra ra[G]khne chhu t[F]imilai
A[F]Anautho [Am]yo mutu m[G]maa
[G]Timilai n[C]nai [G] [Am] [Am] x3
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Updated 2020-05-21
Views: 72 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Dibesh Pokharel Genre: Other Favorite: 0
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