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The young ones

G Cliff Richard G Vote rhythm
Tone: [G]
Capo: 0
Fingerpicking/Strumming pattern:
Intro :
[G] [Em] [Am] [D] [D7]
The [G]young ones
Darling we're the [Em]young ones
And the [G]young ones
Shouldn't be [Em]afraid
To [G]give [D]love
[G]While the flame is [C]strong
Cause we [G]may not be the [D]young ones
Very [G] long ~ [C] ~ [D]
To [G] morrow
Why wait until tom [Em] orrow
Cause tom [G] orrow
Sometimes never c [Em] omes
So [G]love [D]me
T [G] here's a song to be [C]sung
And the [G]best time to [D]sing it
Is while we're [G]young ~ [G7]
To [G]give [D]love
[G]While the flame is [C]strong
Cause we [G]may not be the [D]young ones
Very [G]long ~ [C] ~ [D]
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Updated 2020-05- 9
Views: 84 Poster: Gilbert Oliel (Tobi approved)
Author: Roy C. Bennett , Sid Tepper Genre: Pop Favorite: 0
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