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Masayume Chasing (Fairy Tail – Opening Theme 15)

Em BoA Gm Vote rhythm
Tone: [Em]
Capo: 3
Tone [Em]
Capo 3
[C] [D] [Bm] [Em] [C] [D] [B] [Em]
Yume [C]wo otte mayoi [D]-konda ko [Bm]-koro no mori no oku [Em]
Ka- [C]gami yori sun- [D]da izumi ut- [Bm]suru yuganda [Em]smile
Koboreta [C]namida wa [D](don't cry) [Bm]kin demo gin demo [Em]nakute
Arifu [C]-reta namida [D](fall from my eyes) [B]megami mo kizuka- [Em]nai
Masayume [C]chasing chasing
Ko- [D]ero motto [Bm]jibun shijou saikou [Em]no
Ima wo [C]chasing chasing sou [D]egaita
Jibun [B]ni natte mo- [Em]yase mune no hi wo
[C]Na na na na na na na oh!
[D]Na na na na na hey! hey!
[Bm]Na na na na na na na oh! [Em]Kakenukero hero
[C]Na na na na na na na oh!
[D]Na na na na na hey! hey!
[Bm]Na na na (hey!) na na na oh!
[Em]Moyase mune no hi wo (My life... yeah)
[C] [D] [Bm] [Em]
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Updated 2020-04-19
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