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Rolling Stone

Dm The Weeknd D#m Vote rhythm
Tone: [Dm]
Capo: 1
[Dm] [Gm]
[Am] [Am]
e|----------------------|----------------------|----------------------|----------------------| B|---7--------7--------7|---4--------4--------4|---6--------6--------6|---6--------6--------6| G|------8--------8------|------4--------4------|------6--------6------|------6--------6------| D|----------------------|----------------------|----------------------|----------------------| A|6--------6--------6---|----------------------|----------------------|----------------------| E|----------------------|4--------4--------4---|6--------6--------6---|6--------6--------6---|
[Dm] [Gm] [Am] [Am]
[Dm] [Gm] [Am] [Am]
U-u-u-u - u-u-u-u... ye-e-e-e - ye-e-e...
Now you're th[Dm]thinkin' 'bout it
[Gm]Girl you're thinkin' 'bout it
[Am]What we got here
[Am]How we fuckin' got here
They [Dm]recognize
They just [Gm]recognize
I'm in a [Am]life without a
home so this recognition is not[Dm]not enough
[Gm]I don't care about nobody[Am]nobody else
Cause [Am]I've been on these
streets way too[Dm]too long, too long, too lo[Gm]long
Baby I've been on this too[Am]too long
Cause getting f[Dm]faded too long
Got me [Gm]on this rolling stone
So I t[Am]take another hit
Kill an[Am]another serotonin
With a h[Dm]hand full of beans
And a ch[Gm]chest full of weed
Got me s[Am]singing bout a bitch
While I'm bl[Am]blowing out my steam
Yeah I kn[Dm]know I got my issues
Why you th[Gm]think I fuckin' flow?
And [Am]I'mma keep on smoking
'til I can't hit another note
[Dm] [Gm] Oh but until [Am]then
I g[Dm]got you[Gm]you [Am]
Baby I got[Dm]got you [Gm] [Am]
Until you'r[Dm]you're used to my [Gm]face
And my m[Am]mystery fades
I g[Dm]got you[Gm]you [Am]
So baby lov[Dm]love me [Gm] [Am]
Before they all[Dm]all love me [Gm] [Am]
Until you won't l[Dm]love me [Gm] [Am]
Because they'll all[Dm]all love m[Gm]me [Am]
I'll be di[Dm]different[Gm]fferent [Am]
I think I'll be[Dm]be different [Gm] [Am]
I hope I'm not[Dm]not different [Gm] [Am]
And I hope you'll still[Dm]still listen[Gm]listen
But until[Am]until then
Baby I[Dm]I got you[Gm]you [Am]
I got[Dm]got you [Gm] [Am]
Girl I still[Dm]still got you[Gm]you [Am]
I[Dm]I got you[Gm]you [Am]
[Dm] [Gm] [Am] [Am]
[Dm] [Gm] [Am] [Am]
[Dm] [Gm] [Am] [Am]
[Dm] [Gm] [Am] [Am]
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Updated 2020-02-11
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Author: The Weeknd Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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