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Far Away Places

C Bing Crosby C# Vote rhythm
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    Tone: [C]
    Capo: 1
    [C]Far away places with strange-sounding names
    [C]Far away over the s[G7]sea
    Those f[C]far away places with their s[F]strange-sounding names
    Are [C]callin', c[G7]callin' [C]me.
    [C]Goin' to China, or maybe Siam
    [C]I want to see for mys[G7]myself
    Those f[C]far away places I've been [F]reading about
    In a [C]book that I t[G7]took from the s[C]shelf.
    I s[F]start gettin' restless whe[C]whenever I hear
    The w[G7]whistle of a t[C]train.
    I p[F]pray for the day I can [C]get underway
    And [D]look for those castles in S[G]Spain.
    They c[C]call me a dreamer, well maybe I am
    [C]But I know that I'm[G7]I'm yearnin' to see
    Those f[C]far away places with their s[F]strange-sounding names
    That are c[C]callin', c[G7]callin' [C]me.


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    Updated 2019-11-28
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    Author: Bing Crosby Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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