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Stop Asking Me To Come Back

Bm James Arthur Bm Vote rhythm
Tone: [Bm]
So you t[Bm]told me to go
You said don't turn arou[A]around
There was no g[G]going back
Yeah, you[D]you said it
You were al[Bm]all out of love
Now you changing your [A]mind
I forgive you b[G]but I, can't forget [D]it
W[Bm]We walked these[A]these roads too many times
I know[G]know the ropes [D]and all your lines
If [Bm]it's over[A]over [G] [D]
[Bm]Stop asking m[A]me to come b[G]back
[D]Oh, s[Bm]stop asking [A]me to do t[G]that
It's like you're [Bm]waiting on a better [A]man
And [G]you break me all over [D]again
[Bm]Stop asking [A]me to come [G]back
I don't wanna be frie[Bm]friends
'Cause I[A]I'll always want more
Let the end be[G]be the end
But go on j[D]just say it
S[Bm]top asking me[A] to come ba[G]ck
[D]Oh, st[Bm]stop asking me [A]to do that [G]
[Bm]It's like you're waiting on a better [A]man
And y[G]you break me all over [D]again
[Bm]Stop asking m[A]me to come b[G]back
I[Bm]I can't [A]stay mys[G]myself
[Bm]I need your help
I need your help
[Bm]We walked these r[A]roads too many times
[G]I know your ropes and [D]all your lines
I[Bm]f it's o[A]ve[G]r [D]
[Bm]Stop asking m[A]me to come b[G]back
Oh, s[Bm]top asking me[A] to do that[G]
It's like [Bm]you're waitin[A]waiting on a bett[G]better man
And you [D]break me all over again
[Bm]Stop asking m[A]me to come b[G]back
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Updated 2019-11-17
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Author: James Arthur Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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