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Mary Was The Marrying Kind

D Kip Moore D Vote rhythm
[D]Jenny was the the kind you call up late for a date on friday night
[D]it never even mattered how much I had to drink she'd come give me a ride
[D]yea a Becky was a hell raisin' dart throwin girl that could match me beer for beer
[D]Ally was a singer with stars in her eyes and M[G]ary was the M[A]arrying k[D]ind
[D]Gretchen was a grad student workin' on her master's a little too smart for me
[D]Tammy was teacher Daddy was a preacher evil as a girl could be
[D]yea and Megan was a millionaire senator's daughter my collar was too damn blue
[D]Miss Virginia sure was fine but [G]Mary was the [A]marrying [D]kind
Oh [Bm]Mar[A]Mary [G]Mar[D]Mary I couldn't [G]see it [A]at the [D]time
Oh [Bm]Mar[A]Mary [G]Mar[D]Mary how [G]could I [A]been so [D]blind
[D]Mary was a blonde hair blue eyed girl next door with an angel face
[D]I figured I could find her wild side so I took her on a couple of dates
[D]She was sweet and smart a queen size heart, nothin like the other girls
[D]she just laughed at my best lines cuz [G]Mary was the [A]Marrying [D]Kind
Oh [Bm]Mar[A]Mary [G]Ma[D]Mary I couldn't [G]see it [A]at the [D]time
Oh [Bm]Mar[A]Mary [G]Ma[D]Mary how [G]could I [A]been so [Em]blind
and she was something different[D/F#]different
I didn't know what I was missing
my [G]best friend prooved what I already knew
[G]Mary was the [A]marrying [Bm]kin[A]kind [G] [D] [G] [A] [D] [Bm] [A] [G] [D] [G] [A] [D]
Oh [Bm]Mar[A]Mary [G]Ma[D]Mary couldn't [G]see it [A]at the [D]time
oh [Bm]Mar[A]Mary [G]Ma[D]Mary how [G]could I [A]been so [D]blind x2
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Updated 2019-09-18
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Author: Kip Moore Genre: Pop Favorite: 0
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