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The Older I Get

D Alan Jackson D Vote rhythm
[D] [G] [A] [D]
Verse 1
The older I [D]get
The more I t[G]think
You only g[A]get a
minute, better live while you're in it
'Cause it's gone in[D]in a blink
And the older I get
The truer i[G]it is
It's the people you lov[A]love, not the money and stuff
That makes you r[D]rich
And if they f[G]found a fountain of yo[D]youth
I wouldn't drink a drop[A]drop and tha's the tru[D]truth
Funny h[G]ow it feels I'm just
getting to[D] my best years yet[A]
Verse 2
The older I ge[D]get
The fewer friends I ha[G]have
But you don't need a l[A]lot
when the ones that you got
Have always got your ba[D]back
And the older I get
The better I [G]am
At knowing when to gi[A]give
And when to just not give a d[D]damn
And if they f[G]found a fountain of y[D]youth
I wouldn't drink a dr[A]drop and that's the t[D]truth
Funny h[G]how it feels I'm just
getting [D]to my best years ye[A]yet
The older I [D]get
And I don't m[G]mind all the lin[D]lines
From all the t[A]times I've laughed and [D]cried
Souveni[G]rs and little sig[D]
ns of the life I've li[A]ved
Verse 3
The older I [D]get
The longer I [G]pray
I don't know w[A]why, I guess that I
Got more to [D]say
And the older I get
The more thankful [G]I feel
For the life I've had,[A]had, and all
the life I'm living s[D]still
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Updated 2019-09-17
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