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The Talkin' Song Repair Blues

D Alan Jackson D Vote rhythm
[D] [D]
The mech [D]anic raised up from under my hood
He [G]shook his head and said, "This ain't good
Your [Bm]timin' belt's done sh [A]runk one size too [D]small
Those spark plug wires are a little too long
And your [G]main prodsponder's nearly gone
Your in [Bm]jector ports are [A]stripped and that ain't [D]all"
"The [D]torque converter's runnin' low on torque
And that [G]water pump's nearly down a quart
But we [Bm]caught it all in [A]time so you're in [D]luck"
He said, "I've got the time and I've got the parts
Just [G]give me the word and I'm ready to start
I [Bm]think we can bring her [A]in for eight [D]hundred bucks"
But [G]don't be down [D]hearted, I can [A]fix it [G]for you, [D]sonny
[G]It won't take [D]too long, it'll [G]just [A]take [D]money
Then he said, [D#]"Ain't you that songwriter guy?"
I [G#]said, "Yes, I am," he said, "So am I"
And he [Cm]sat down and played me a [A#]song by the grease rack [D#]
When he finished singin' he gave me a smile
And I [G#]closed my eyes and pondered awhile
And he said, [Cm]"What do you think?
[A#]Now don't hold nothin' [D#]back"
Well, I gave him my most sorrowful look
And I said, [G#]"This song's got a broken hook
I can [Cm]order you a new one from [A#]Nashville but it won't be [D#]cheap
And I know you've been using a cut-rate thesaurus
'Cause your [G#]adverbs have backed up into your chorus
Now your [Cm]verse is runnin' on [A#]verbs that are way too [D#]weak"
But [G#]don't be down [D#]hearted, I can [A#]fix it [G#]for you, [D#]sonny
[G#]It won't take [D#]too long, it'll [G#]just [A#]take [D#]money
And I said, [E]"Hold on friend now I'm not through
I [A]hate to be the one to give you the news
But your [C#m]whole melodic [B]structure's worked itself [E]loose
It's got so many dotted eighth notes in it
I'd [A]keep her under fifty beats per minute
I mean, [C#m]that's just me talkin', [B]it's really up to [E]you"
And you've got a bad safety problem with
That [A]dominant chord with the augmented fifth
Just [C#5]see how dangerously [D#5]high it raises you [E5]up
So just [E]go on over there and work on my car
I'll [A]sit here by the fan and chances are
I can [C#m]straighten this thing out for [B]eig...nine hundred bucks"
But [A]don't be down [E]hearted, I can [B]fix it [A]for you, [E]sonny
[A]It won't take [E]too long [C#m] [B]
You guessed it
[E]It may be a hit
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Updated 2019-09-17
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