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A Change Of Heart

F The 1975 F Vote rhythm
[F] [Bb] [C] [F] [Bb] [C]
[F] [Bb] [C] [F] [Bb] [C]
Are we a[F]awake? [Bb]
[C]Am I too o[F]old to be this [Bb]stoned?
[C]Was it your [F]breasts from the start?[Bb]start?
They [C]played a pa[F]part [Bb]
For [C]goodness s[F]sake [Bb]
[C]I wasn't t[F]told you'd be this [Bb]cold
[C]Now it's my [F]time to depart
And I [Bb]just had a [C]change of [F]heart[Bb]heart
I'll [C]quote "on the [F]road" like a twat
And [Bb]wind my way [C]out of the [F]city
Finding a [Bb]girl who is e[C]equally [F]pretty won't be hard
Oh, I [Bb]just had a [C]change of [F]heart [Bb] [C]
Instrumental Interlude
[F] [Bb] [C] [F] [Bb] [C]
[F] [Bb] [C] [F] [Bb] [C]
[F] [Bb] [C] [F] [Bb] [C]
[F] [Bb] [C] [F] [Bb] [C]
You smashed a glass into [F]pieces
[Bb]That's around the [C]time I [F]left
And you were [Bb]coming a[C]across as [F]clever
Then you lit the wrong [Bb]end of your [C]cigarette[F]cigarette
[Bb] You said I'm [C]full of di[F]diseases
[Bb] Your eyes were [C]full of re[F]regret
And then y[Bb]ou took a pic[C]ture of y[F]our salad
And put it on [Bb]the Inter[C]Internet [F] [Bb] [C]
And she said[Bb]said, "I've been so [F/A]worried about yo[C/G]you lately"
[Bb] You look shit and [F/A]smell a bit" [C]
[Bb] You're mad thinking [F/A]you could ever [C/G]save me
[Bb] Not looking like [C]that
You used to hav[F]have a f[Bb]face straight [C]out of a [F]magazine
[Bb]Now you just [C]look like an[F]anyone
[Bb]I just had a [C]change of [F]heart
I [Bb]feel as though [C]I was de[F]deceived
I [Bb]never found [C]love in the c[F]city
I just [Bb]sat in self-[C]self-pity and [F]cried in the car
Oh [Bb]I just had a [C]change of [F]heart [Bb] [C]
Then she sai[Bb]said, "I've been so [F/A]worried 'bout yo[C/G]you lately
[Bb] You were fit but you're [F/A]losing it [C]
[Bb] You played a [F/A]part, 'this is [C/G]how it starts'"
[Bb] Oh I just had a c[C]change of heart
[F] [Bb] [C] [F] [Bb] [C]
[F] [Bb] [C] [F]
I just had a change of heart
I [Bb]just had a [C]change of hea[F]heart
I [Bb]just had a [C]change of hea[F]heart
Oh I j[Bb]ust had a c[C]hange of hear[F]t
I [Bb]just had a [C]change of hea[F]heart
I [Bb]just had a [C]change of hea[F]heart
I [Bb]just had a [C]change of hea[F]heart
I [Bb]just had a [C]change of hea[F]heart
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Updated 2019-09-16
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