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G The 1975 G Vote rhythm
In [G]jeans [D]so new
We[Em7]We should eat one, before two
M[G]Man, I'[D]I'm so high
I [Em7]think I love you
And[G]And I was thinking about leaving again,
i[D]it all depends, are[Em7]are we just friends?
And[G]And can you move a little bit if you can?
Fo[D]For you babe, i[Em7]it's Anobrain
We [G]take your mums
car to the edge of the town
a[D]and we drive
yea[Em7]yeah, we go round and round
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Updated 2020-03- 3
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Author: The 1975 Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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