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you were good to me

[D] [G]
Verse 1: Jeremy Zucker
[D]Lyin' isn't better than [G]silence
[D]Floatin', but I feel like I'm [G]dyin'
Chorus: Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler
Still, no [Bm]matter where I go
At the [A]end of every road
You were [G]good to me
You were [D]good to me, [Asus4]yeah
I know it's [Bm]easier to run
After [A]everything I've done
You were [G]good to me
You were [D]good to me [Asus4]
Post-Chorus: Chelsea Cutler
You were [G]good to me [D]
You were [G]good to me
Verse 2: Chelsea Cutler
[D]Leavin' isn't better than [G]tryin'
[D]Growin', but I'm just growin' [G]tired
Chorus: Chelsea Cutler & Jeremy Zucker
Now I'm [Bm]worried for my soul
And I'm still [A]scared of growin' old
You were [G]good to me
You were [D]good to me, [Asus4]yeah
And I'm so [Bm]used to lettin' go
But I don't [A]wanna be alone
You were [G]good to me
You were [D]good to me, [Asus4]yeah, oh
Bridge: Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler
[G]God only knows where our [A]fears go
[G]Hearts I've broke, now my [A]tears flow
[G]You'll see that I'm [A]sorry
'Cause you were [G]good to me
You were [A]good to me
Outro: Jeremy
Zucker, Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler
And now I'm [Bm]closin' every door
'Cause I'm [A]sick of wantin' more
You were [G]good to me
You were [D]good to me, [Asus4]yeah
Swear I'm [Bm]different than before
I won't [A]hurt you anymore
'Cause you were [G]good to me [D] [Asus4]

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Updated 2019-09-12
Views: 436 Poster: Bui Nhu Sy (Bui Nhu Sy approved)
Author: Chelsea Cutler , Jeremy Zucker Genre: Pop Ballad Favorite: 0
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