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Em7 Passenger F#m Vote rhythm
Capo 2
[Em7] [D] [Em7] [D] [Em7] [D] [Bm] [A] [Em7] [D] [Em7] [D] [Em7] [D] [Bm] [A]
[Em7] it's been y[D]years
since we [Em7] carved our n[D]names
on a [Em7] clocktower d[D]door
before [Bm]everything ch[A]changed
we were [Em7] big eyed b[D]boys
with the [Em7] salt on our sk[D]skin
and we'd [Em7] throw our k[D]kites to the w[E7]wind
and they'd fly [Bm]on and [D]on and [G]on [G/F#]and o[Em7]on
[Bm] on and [D]on and [G]on [G/F#]and o[Em7]on
[Bm] on and [D]on and [G]on [G/F#]and o[Em7...]on
[...] [D] [Em7] [D] [Em7] [D] [Bm] [A] [Em7] [D] [Em7] [D] [Em7] [D] [Bm] [A]
[Em7] it's been y[D]years
since we [Em7] whispered s[D]soft
with the [Em7] torch light [D]on
and the [Bm]big light [A]off
we were [Em7] tired b[D]boys
with the [Em7] soap on our s[D]skin
and we'd [Em7] fall asl[D]asleep to the w[E7]wind
and we'd dream [Bm]on and [D]on and [G]on [G/F#]and o[Em7]on
[Bm] on and [D]on and [G]on [G/F#]and o[Em7]on
[Bm] on and [D]on and [G]on [G/F#]and o[Em7]on
cos we're c[D]circles
we're c[F#m7]circles you [Em7]see
we go r[D]round round the s[F#m7]sun
in and [G]out l[G/F#]like the s[Em7]sea
i'll c[D]circle round y[F#7]you
you will c[Bm]circle round m[G]me
[Em7] [D] [Em7] [D] [Em7] [D] [Bm] [A]
[Em7] and in y[D]years
when the [Em7] torch light t[D]thins
and the [Em7] clock tower's g[D]gone
and the [Bm]big light d[A]dims
we'll no [Em7] longer be b[D]boys
we'll have [Em7] lines on our s[D]skin
and they'll [Em7] throw our d[D]dust to the wind [E7]
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Updated 2019-08-29
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