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Start All Over

G Miley Cyrus C Vote rhythm
Verse 1
[G]I have to wonder if this wave[G]waves to big to ride
[G]Commit or not commit is such [G]a crazy type.
[F]Yet sooner tha[C]than I thought that you'd call me [A7]out.
[Bb]I lost cont[C]rol and there's no doub[Eb]t, I'm gonna start a[Eb]ll over.
[G]Out of the fire and into[C]into the fire again.
[G]You make me want [D]to forget and[Eb]and,
[Bb]Start all o[C]over. H[G]Here I come,
Straight ou[C]out of my mind, or worse,
[G]Another ch[D]chance to get burne[Eb]burned,
And st[Bb]art all ov[C]er. I[Eb]'m gonna star[Bb]t all over.[C]
Verse 2
[G]Fantastic and romantic; All a[G]a big surprise.
[G]You've got the warning hesitatio[G]hesitation pushed aside.
Pre-Chorus 2
[F]Yet sooner tha[C]than I want, But you caught [A7]my heart.
[Bb]I guess I'm re[C]ady now to start[Eb]. I'm gonna start al[Eb]l over.
[G]It's so easy, Y[G]You disrupt me. Can'[G]Can't complain.
[G]It's so easy, Y[G]You disrupt me. Can'[G]Can't complain.
[G]It's so easy, Y[G]You disrupt me. Can'[G]Can't complain.
It's so e[G]easy.
[Eb]I'm gonna st[Eb]start all over!
[Bb]Start all o[C]over!
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Updated 2019-08-26
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Author: Anne Preven , Felicia Dobson , Scott Cutler Genre: Pop Rock Favorite: 0
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