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Please Never Fall In Love Again

G Ollie MN Vote rhythm
Verse 1
could've been[G]been one [G]lo[D]nel[C]y night
[G] just[G] l[D]ike all th[C]e others
but [G]you li[G]lit [D]up m[C]my life
t[G]his is what it's[G] l[D]ike to be[C] lovers
[C]you and me
need [C]never be
[G]lonely again
[C]spin with me
or at [G]least un[G/F#]until the e[Emadd9]end
p[C]please never [C]fall in love [G]again
Oh, [C]please never [C]fall in love [G]again
Verse 2
and if some other guy
[G]catches your e[Emadd9]eye
[C]please, just text me your [G]goodbye
you k[C]know I don't look [C]pretty when I [G]cry
and I [C]don't want that to be
your final glimpse of me
[C]but if you could please
[C]return my Shrek DVDs
[G]ma[G/F#]maybe [Emadd9]
[C]please never [C]fall in love[G]love again
Oh, [C]please never [C]fall in lov[G]love again
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Updated 2019-08-25
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