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Ai Ji Nong - 如果天有情

1. Zong yao [E]wei ai shang tou le [C#m]xin
Cai zhi [A]zhen qing duo me nan xun
You [G#m]shui yuan yi ru [C#m]ci ren shi ai [F#]qing
2. Zong yao [E]liu xia duo shao lei [C#m]di
Cai neng [A]kan qing chu zi [G#m]ji
Yi ke chi [C#m]xin yi duan chi [F#m]qing
Shuo de rong [B]yi zen nai ren jian ji [E]yu
Chorus: Jiu rang wo he [E]ni shen shui zai meng [G#m]li
Ke zhi wo de [C#m]xin bu yuan yi [B]xing
Xiang wei you xiang [A]yi hei ye dao tian [G#m]ming
Yuan fen bu neng [F#m]fen ming yun bu neng [B]li
Ru guo tian you [E]qing ru guo meng hui [G#m]ling
Jiu rang wo de [C#m]xin ai dao che [B]di
Wo dui ni de [A]ai yi wu fa shuo [G#m]ming
Jiu xiang feng [F#m]chui bu xi yu da bu [B]ting, Ci qing bu [E]yu

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Tobi 4 months ago
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Updated 2019-08-20
Views: 103 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Andy Lau / Lưu Đức Hoa Genre: Chinese Favorite: 0
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