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Yan Bu You Zhong - 言不由衷

Capo on 3th fret
1. [Am] Ci ce wo pu kai cai hui thou, jen nie [C] fa sieng le wo
Jan hou [Dm] lian ke dhen mien tui [G] hu yi te len [Am] wo
Cong yi nie chong sin yu kuo co ce [C] ci te sen huo
Wo ye [Dm] pi yen yi sie lu [G] sin li te nang [Am] kuo
2. Fan fu [G] tu cai to pi sie sem [Am] mo
Sui ye [G] pu kan ching yi ta pho cem [C] mek
Sin con [F] cieng yen he wang yi
Phien yu [Dm] cieng hou wang shi kai cem mo [E] sho
Chorus: Nang tau [Am] sho wo yi ja n sem ai co nie
Nang tau [F] sho wo yi jan how hui pu yi
Wo yu [G] he khu jan nie cai wei wo sang ik chee [C] sin [E]
So yi [Am] yen pu yu cong chi phien le nie
So yi [F] phen co yen lui ang jan li chi
Pu jan [G] nie yu ci hui cen ceng ming liau wo te [Am] sin

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Tobi 4 months ago
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Updated 2019-08-19
Views: 99 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Andy Lau / Lưu Đức Hoa Genre: Chinese Favorite: 0
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