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This Masquerade

Capo on 1st fret
[Em] Are we really happy here in this [Em7] lonely [A] game we [Em] play
[Em] Looking for [D] right words to [B] say
[Em] Searching but not finding under [Fm7] stan –[A] ding any [Em] where
We're [C] lost in a [B] masque – [Em] rade
[Dm7] Both afraid to [G] say we're just to [C] far away
From [Dm7] being close to- [G] gether from the [C] start
We [Dm7] tried to talk it [F#] over but the [B] words got in the way
Were [F#m] lost in- [F#] side this [B] lonely game we [F#] play
[Em] Throughts of leaving disappear every [Em7] time I [A] see your [Em] smile
[Em] No matter how [D] hard I [B] try
To [Em] understand the reasons that we [Em7] carry on this [A] way
We're [C] lost in a [B] masque- [Em] rade
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Updated 2019-08-15
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Author: The Carpenters Genre: US-UK Favorite: 2
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