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Ebullient future (Elisa ebullient future - 歌詞)

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[Am] Love, I’ve got to [Em] feeling
[F] if you put your [C] trust in me [G]
[Am] I know what my [Em] life would be
[F] Oh, [G] you are all I [Am] ever need…
[Am] I tried to hear [Em] what you say
So I [F] pray, but [G] you’re fading a- [C] way
Don’t [Dm7] go and break my [Am7] fragile heart
We won’t [Em7] fall apart
‘Cause you’re [F] my [Gsus4] on- [G] ly [G] star [Dm] [Em] [F] [G]
I [Am] wondered for my [Em] discoverer
Calling [F] you, so like a [C] little child [G]
[Am] All the things you [Em] have in mind
[F] I [G] wish I could see [Am] you inside…
I [Am] feel alone and [Em] empty
You’re [F] far,that’s why i can’t [C] bear to be [G]
Move [Am] on, but it’s not [F] that easy
[Em7] Oh, [G] don’t you know I [Em7] still believe [G] [A]
[Am] No one can stand [Em] in your way
Here I [F] stay. There’ll [G] be another [C] day
Won’t [Dm7] cry and get rid [Am7] of scars
Always [Em7] in my heart
Gotta find [F] a [Gsus4] way [G] to [G] start [Dm] [Em] [F] [G]
How am [Am] I supposed to know [Em] what’s right
Missing [F] you,and I do [C] lose my mind [G]
[Am] Just wanna be [Em] by your side
[F] I [G] will wait for your [Am] love and smile
I’ve [Am] been thinking of you,[Em] my dream…
Every [F] time I take a breath, [C] feel brand new [G]
Open [Am] up you heart with [F] my key
[F] Oh,[G] can’t you hear [Am] my heartbeat
My [Am] love, you’ve got to [Em] feeling
And we [F] both are just [C] you and me [G]
You [Am] know what love [Em] would be
[Em7] Oh, [G] you are the one [Em7] I believe.[G] [A]

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Zarker 5 months ago
Am Em F C G Dm7 Am7 Em7 Gsus4 Dm A 0

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Updated 2019-08-10
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