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Happy new year

G Abba A Vote rhythm
1. [G] No more cham- [C] pagne and the [G] fireworks are [B7] through
Here we [C] are, me and [G] you, feeling [C] lost and feeling [D] blue
It's the [G] end of the [C] party and the [G] morning seems so [B7] grey
So un- [C] like yester- [G] day, now's the [C] time for us to [D] say [D7]
Chorus: Happy new [G] year, happy new [B7] year
May we all [Em] have a [C] vision now and [E] then
Of a [E7] world where every [E] neighbour is a [Am] friend [D7]
Happy new [G] year, happy new [B7] year
May we all [Em] have our [C] hopes, our will to [E] try
If we [E7] don't we might as [E] well lay down and [Am] die [D7]
You and [Am] I [D] [D7] ([Am] You [C] and [G] I)
2. [G] Sometimes I [C] see, how the [G] brave new world ar- [B7] rives
And I [C] see how it [G] thrives, in the [C] ashes of our [D] lives
Oh [G] yes, man is a [C] fool and he [G] thinks he'll be [B7] okay
Dragging [C] on, feet of [G] clay, never [C] knowing he's a [G] tray
Keeps on [C] going any [D] way [D7]
3. [G] Seems to me [C] now, that the [G] dreams we had be- [B7] fore
Are all [C] dead, nothing [G] more, than con- [C] fetti on the [D] floor
It's the [G] end of a [C] decade, in [G] another ten years [B7] time
Who can [C] say what we'll [G] find, what lies [C] waiting down the [G] line
In the [C] end of eighty- [D] nine [D7]
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